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The Crisis in Childbirth in the United States:

My study and others indicate:

1. We have an epidemic proportion of Caesarian Section (CS) in the U.S. with hospitals and physicians encouraging early dates of birth.

2. We have an epidemic proportion of Reactive Attachment, ADHT, ADD and other forms of Autistic behavior that could be a part of unbonding at birth.

3. We have an epidemic proportion of routine surgery (episiotomy) along with unnecessary drug intervention that could be reduced.

4. Birth costs are rising along with the costs of support after medical interventions.

5. Young women are not being educated as to the natural aspects of birth in the educational system making them uninformed consumers of fragmented costly assembly line birth.

6. Natural birth providers in the U.S. are being surpressed in spite of the more positive outcome of natural birth:

7. Medical insurance providers are dictating the birth process through selective coverage to both consumer and professionals.

8. Legislation in the U.S. and most States reflect 100 years of Lobby efforts by those who lack the priorities of the consumers.

9. There exists only a very sparse infrastructure between consumers using more natural methods and service providers and the existing Medical Hospital system for birthing.

10. There has never been an assemblage of experts and interested parties (less lobbyist) put together to address all these question since the California birth commission of 1976.

All of the above contribute to the U.S. "Not" leading the world in infant mortality, women's welfare and child development.

We who are concerned do not mandate the passage of any specific law endorsing any specific tool, technique, birth method or environment. We call for a commission of Doctors, Registered nurses, lay Midwives, Childbirth and Early Childhood Educators, hospital Administrators, insurance experts, Birth Clinic operators, Mental Health and Child Psychologist along with Childbirth service agents and Concerned members of the public who are informed on these issues. The Charge of such a commission would be to study alternative in health care methods and procedures relating to births, alternatives for medical assistance at birth and methods of informing the public of such alternatives. Further to submit to the governing body a report of its finding and recommendations, including recommendations for changes in the Educational system, statutory law, Administrative regulations and or further study.

The Crisis in Childbirth in the United States is an excerpt from the book by V.C. Dawson who holds the copyright on all portions and complete work. Reproductions of this document is for non commercial purposes only all other is with written permission of Chuck Dawson and Creative Directions 2008. www.creativedirectionsbirth.com


LET'S ACT! We are looking for Creative Directions co-ordination centers in each state. Contact us at: Chuck@911nm.com Put the words "Creative Directions" first in the subject line to avoid spam deletions. Postal is: CD, Box 3139, Corrales NM, 87048

"The National Petition can be printed or downloaded as PDF"




WE NEED HELP!  Can you rise to the occasion?  

We intend to have a national petition drive in every state to cause State and federal legislation 
to study and enact alternatives in birth in all venues (home, hospital etc..)

We would like a person who has expertise in discussing your area of birth to consider being on 
the Board of Advisors to "Creative Direction"   Creative Directions takes no money and gives none.  

We would like a person to consider being the State Coordinator for Creative Directions Petition 
drive in your state.  This person will be the press contact as well as the petition drive coordinator.  

We would like a list of resources of retired persons who have worked in the birth industry and 
share our concerns.  These persons will be considered for seminars and interviews as well.

If you or your organization can not help please let us know who can.  If you can help please 
send a resume of the person and of the organization to us.

There will be a forthcoming book "The Crisis in Childbirth" published shortly with the petition 
drive as part of the book.

There is a web site at: www.creativedirectionsbirth.com that will grow to the task and petitions 
are available at the site.  

Start getting signatures now.  Whether you become on point or not get working on the petitions.

Who am I?

My name is Chuck Dawson.  I am the former Chairman and co-author of the State of California 
Alternative Birth Committee that made a lot of what we have legal.  I worked with Suzanne Arms, 
and Dr. Don Creevy of Stanford U. Medicine to inform people in California about birth and sensitivity.  
I worked with Dr. Fredrick Leboyer in this country to sensitize birth.  I have a Masters in Psychology 
and My partner Trish is an Attorney who participated in the birth revolution in 1975.  

I am disgusted with the loss of gains in Home Birth, Clinic Birth and Natural birth all together.  
I intend once again to do something about it.  If I make money on the book (I hope so) it will be 
the first money I have made in the birth industry.  

Go to the web site and read the proposition, then get involved          www.creativedirectionsbirth.com               

Note: any email to me must have "creative directions" first words in the subject line otherwise spam!

Chuck Dawson
PO Box 3139
Corrales, NM

Notes and obligations:
I believe that Paulise Bell was the person who did the drawings.

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