In the footsteps of the Anastazi / Anasazi

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5 Years ago I had visited the south ranch area I call Lobo Canyon. On one occasion I drove through a wooded area to the east and came across an archeological dig and markings of a burial area. There were red flags in the ground on wire stand off's marking many sites and locations of graves. I assumed that the owners had run off the intruders and removed all the markings. I was unable to find the location again without the markings. I knew the general area and had searched to no avail. The area was just too large and similar in nature to pin point the location. On a couple of occasions Dave who had been on the original journey thought he could find it, but to no avail. We gave up on locating the site. Winter had now disappeared from the landscape. On our last visit to Lobo Dave and I had discovered a large village remains directly on top of the crest. It was wet and muddy and not friendly to inspection. Between the snow and mud there was not much we could make out. During the winter Greg and I had discovered a special rock outcropping with a light window. Then too it was too harsh to make out much. Today we would go to those locations and check them out. Together with Dave and Greg We drove to the top of Lobo. It was a chance to test my new ranch vehicle a grand Cherokee with skid plates and high suspension. I had bent the frame on the navigator and it was becoming too expensive to use for these outings. We had never driven to the top of Lobo before and this would give us the extra time to hike to the window rock formation. Standing on top of Lobo you can see the land slop off to the south and drop about 500 feet below. There are two rock out crops visible one red and the other white next to each other. The hike would mean crossing the bad lands between us and the rocks. It was my theory that the rock formations being due south of the lobo site should yield another site. Crossing the bad lands brought a feeling of disappointment as there were not only no sign of any habitation the landscape got more and more foreboding as we got closer to the rock formations. Several times the formations disappeared as we would climb up large hills of loose shale and crumbled rock only to slide fall and end up in narrow bottoms between hills. It looked easier to get here than it was in reality. As it turns out these obstacles were part of the reason the ancient ones would choose this rock oasis. Once at the red rocks it was obvious that a village had been in the alcove on the south side of the rocks.

The ruin faces south and the valley spreads to the east. In the center of the valley is a large deep gorge. An enemy would have to either come in plan view from the south a great distance, ford the deep and wide gorge from the east or come through the bad lands from the north and west. This place was a natural. Not only for its natural beauty but it defensiveness. I felt there should be a larger village and started to move just south east of the walls we had found. Here I found the rock outline of three large buildings with a minden (dump) just at the south end of the village.

The pottery and worked quartz was everywhere. You could not look down without seeing many many pieces of art and artifact.

Greg who we call "The Magnet" found the following arrow points. Notice the small one that was used for birds and small creatures. It is half the thickness of a dime and half the size. I could not hold this piece let alone work on it. It seemed impossible that a person could fashion this by had without breaking it. Then factor in the fact that Greg found it still in tact after who knows how long. The pottery around it would make it at least 800 years old.

As we climbed through the maze that was the red and white rocks it was clear that this area was very special. The tent rocks and erosion had made alleys and crevices that you could go in. a find white powdered sand covered the area. There was obsidian and quartz pieces everywhere. It was like they had just been here before us but broke everything before they left.
THERE IS SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL HERE! At the end of the white rocks there is a special group with a window carved mid way up the formation.

If you are attentive you will notice that the sun rises and sets directly through the window. This varies slightly with the month but the basics are that the sun will cast a shadow caused by the white rock formation with a dagger of light ray through the center. The view directly across the mesa is to the east side of the escarpment and the wooded areas on the other side of the gorge.

I climbed behind the window which is located in a maze. If you look close you will see me looking though the window from behind.
To my shock and surprise when looking through the window to the east side of the valley I recognized the location that the light ray points out. It was the lost burial grounds we had located 5 years before. It was clear to Dave and myself that this was the lost location. Later we drove there and confirmed the spot. Of course we did not disturb anything but were able to find part of a red flag still located on the site.

So we had gone full circle. My journey had begun 5 years ago discovering Lobo canyon and a mysterious burial ground that I was never able to locate again. After a year of exploration I had returned to Lobo only to find a spot with more pottery and worked material than I had ever seen in one location including the local museum. All this located next to what could be a Hollywood movie site for a moon location with spires, tent rocks and a maze of protected private areas with a ray of light pointing the way to their special ancestors. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS.... HELP! In the last year I have done my best to study the ancient ones and their environment. The problem is that from what I understand the Anasazi would sometimes bury there dead in the minden pile, or in the alcove of the cliff. Had they discovered the burial ground and memorialized it? Did they create it? Was this a new window build by Pueblo people who did not live but visited the area? Who is buried? And who memorialized them? If you have input on this please give us an email at: I would welcome your thoughts.

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