RR MID High School 2004
reading	language math	science social studies
64.2        64.5     67.3         63.4    59.2

District Overview
Rio Rancho High School

Rio Rancho Public Schools

District Information
Dollars Per Student 4889
Students 9989
Teachers and Staff 369
Student/Teacher Ratio 27
Median Years Teaching Experience 14
Lowest Grade Level K
Highest Grade Level 12
Data updated as of DEC 2003


School Information
Elementary Schools 6
Average Population 773
Middle (JrHS) Schools 3
Average Population 816


Average Class Size
Grade 1 22
Grade 8 22




About Rio Rancho Public Schools - 500 Laser Road, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 - (505) 896-0667

5-30-00 (Journal) Students top national average on tests, 59.3 average last year 67 this year 50 is national according to standardized test results. (this article is in the relo pack we send)

Now in its third year, the Rio Rancho School District, numbering more than 6,300 students, will open three new schools in the next year. The city's first high school will further expand the broad and varied education programs initiated by its six elementary and three middle schools.

The district opened two new middle schools in the fall of 1996: Eagle Ridge and Mountain View. These, along with Lincoln Middle School, are distinguished by their well-trained staffs and strong curriculum, as are the district's six elementary schools.

Rio Rancho teachers are routinely recognized statewide and nationally for their pursuit of excellence. The district employs unique ideas like the Family School program, a "school-within-a-school" concept which allows students and parents to offer both classroom and home schooling.

Rio Rancho Public Schools System was accredited in late 1995 and early 1996 by both the State Department of Education and North Central Accreditation (the regional authority) for its K-8 programs. The most telling comment from the accreditation reviews centered on how far the district had come in less than two years of operation.

The district will open its first high school - Rio Rancho High School - in the fall of 1997. The school is a cooperative effort between the district, Sandoval County, and Intel Corporation, with support from city and state officials. This unique, nationally recognized partnership is a model of cooperation between public and private institutions. The high school will consist of five major academies - Business and Technology, Science, Arts, Humanities, and First Year. Having concluded their first year, students will be able to specialize in a specific discipline while completing their core classes. Should their academic focus change, students can transfer among academies.

Private Alternatives

There is one accredited private school in Rio Rancho. Hope Christian School offers a variety of classes and a Christian orientation for grades K-12. 6800 Palomas, (505) 892-4565.

In nearby Albuquerque, there are some 80 additional private schools, both religious and secular, ranging in grade level from elementary to high school. You can obtain a list of and general information about Albuquerque's nine Catholic elementary and middle schools and St. Pius X High School by calling the Archdiocese of Santa Fe Catholic Schools Office (505) 831-8171.

The best known and most highly regarded of the secular private schools are:
Albuquerque Academy (505) 828-3208, and Sandia Prep (505) 344-1671.

Post-Secondary Education

Albuquerque-based Technical-Vocational Institute (505) 892-7113, has a campus on the Intel Corporation's property on Sara Road. Open to anyone interested, T-VI Rio Rancho offers some 35 classes in technologies, arts and sciences, business, and college prep.

The University of New Mexico (505) 277-0111, in Albuquerque, is one of the premier universities in the Southwest. UNM offers 4,000 courses, grants degrees in 150 accredited disciplines, and operates esteemed law, medical, and business schools (the school of medicine is consistently ranked among the nation's ten best primary-care learning institutions). The biology, fine arts, anthropology and Latin American studies programs are also highly regarded.

UNM's Continuing Education Division (505) 277-2527, offers a wide variety of classes on the Westside (both for credit and not) in fields and disciplines ranging from financial planning to gourmet cooking.

Albuquerque also boasts campuses of a number of other colleges:

The University of Phoenix (505) 821-4800 or (800) 333-8671, offers degrees in business management, technology, and nursing.

Parks College (505) 843-7500, offers business and cosmetology curricula.

The College of Santa Fe in Albuquerque (505)268-3755, awards degrees (up through an M.B.A.) in business, psychology, and teacher education.

Aztech College (505) 888-5800, trains students in computer-aided design and architectural and mechanical drafting.


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